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Brighton Allston Improvement Association

March 2, 2006 AGENDA

Note: Agenda items may be taken out of order

Zoning / Licensing Applications / Variances

  1. 204 N. Beacon St – change occupancy from video store to ‘take out’ restaurant
  2. 1-11 Delany Circle (wants to build single family houses)

      1 Delany Circle: 1 single family house

      5-7 Delany Circle: 2 single family houses

      11 Delany Circle: 1 single family house

  1. Corner of Washington and Commonwealth Ave - 7-11 store wants to be open 24hrs   
  2. 1799 Commonwealth Ave - Bluestone Bistro wants to transfer ownership to Merheb Inc
  3. 1234 Soldiers Field Road – transfer license from Bickfords to Days Hotel



1.      Discussion of purchase of Wade St. homes by BC

2.      Update of St. Elizabeth’s Adult Day center and by New Emergency Room

3.      Duncan Donuts looks to open in Oak Sq. (replace Oak Sq. Video)

Other Business

Captain Williams Evans will brief us on neighborhood police matters.


All BAIA meetings are public and accessible to all wishing to attend and participate.

Elks Lodge # 2199, 326 Washington St., Brighton Center - 7 p.m.

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