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Brighton Allston Improvement Association

February 2, 2006 AGENDA

Note: Agenda items may be taken out of order

Zoning / Licensing Applications / Variances

  1. 7 Adair Rd - Applicant wishing to a erect a 1 vertical addition to stairs on porch & rear
  2. 36 donneybrook Rd - Convert attic w/dormer. add an additional floor to 2 story house (3rd floor)
  3. 70-72 Tremont St. - Seek permission to erect 2 townhouses
  4. 63 Tremont St - Owner wishes to erect multifamily on vacant lot
  5. 353 Cambridge St (Sports Depot) - Extend closing to 2am


St John's master plan as revealed to Boston College academic community

Other Business

Captain Williams Evans will brief us on neighborhood police matters.


All BAIA meetings are public and accessible to all wishing to attend and participate.

Elks Lodge # 2199, 326 Washington St., Brighton Center - 7 p.m.

Meeting Votes



7 Adair Road.


36 Donnybrook Road


353 Cambridge St

Opposed - applicant failed to appear

70-74 Tremont St


63 Tremont St


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