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Brighton Allston Improvement Association



February 1st, 2007


Note:  Agenda items may be taken out of order



Zoning / Licensing Applications / Variances


1)      77 Wallingford Rd.  -  Applicant seeks to raze one family house and replace same.

2)      24 Farrington Ave.  -  Applicant seeks to legalize living space in basement.

3)      45 South Crescent Cir.  -  Applicant seeks to build one family house on undersize lot.

4)      11 Priscilla Rd.  -  Applicant seeks to enlarge third floor by raising roof line, and confirm occupancy as three-unit dwelling, per condominium conversion. 

5)      1636 Commonwealth Ave.  -  Applicant seeks to change occupancy from sales / office space to 13,700 sq. ft. health / fitness center (56 parking spaces required).

6)      1472 – 1474 Commonwealth Ave.  -  Applicant seeks to enclose existing rear porch.

7)      36 - 46 Orkney Rd.  -  Applicant 36 - 46 Orkney Road Condominium Trust seeks to legalize existing apartment (Former complex superintendent’s unit) for rent.

8)      5 Washington St.  -  Applicant seeks to create 30 car parking lot.

9)      2025 Commonwealth Ave.  -  Applicant seeks to convert six unit building into eight unit building                                                                                                      

10)  145 Guest St.  -  Applicant seeks off-street lot to hold excess vehicles from Western Ave. rental car business overflow parking. 



Other Business


1.)    Captain Mark Hayes will brief us on neighborhood police matters.

2.)    Report: Harvard-Allston Task Force  -  BRA / Next meeting: Honan-Allston Branch Library, 300 North Harvard St., Allston  -  6:30 p.m.  February 12th

3.)    Report: Boston College Task Force  -  BRA / Next meeting: Brighton Marine Health Center, 77 Warren St., Brighton  -  6:30 p.m.  February 20th

4.)    Update: Presentation School Foundation  -  Kevin Carragee

5.)    “Saving for Success: Financial planning for your future” – Leah Krieger, ABCDC

6.)    “Show me the money: The BRA and Property Taxes” – Steve Wintermeier and Shirley Kressel, Alliance for Boston Neighborhoods

7.)    St. Elizabeth’s New Emergency Room  -




All BAIA meetings are public and accessible to all wishing to attend and participate.


Elks Lodge # 2199, 326 Washington St., Brighton Center - 7 p.m.


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