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Brighton Allston Improvement Association


August 3, 2006

Note: Agenda items may be taken out of order

Zoning / Licensing Applications / Variances

1. 961 Commonwealth Ave. - Qdoba Mexican Grill petitioning to extend closing from midnight to 2:30 a.m., for food only.

2. 12 Perthshire St. - T Mobile wishes to install wireless communication facility, concealed towers. Three sections of three antennas each.

3. 45 Murdock St. - Owner wishes to construct six townhouses on 19,500 square feet.

4. 19 Braemore Road - Permission sought to change legal occupancy from three dwellings to five dwellings.

5. 1334 Commonwealth Ave. - Nextel Communications wishes to install 12 panel antennas on rooftop at ancillary equipment

in basement. (withdrawn)

6. 11 Priscilla Road - Owner wishes to add three rear porches as a means of egress.

7. 1441 Washington St. - Owner wishes to convert a two-family dwelling to a three-family dwelling.

8. 2021 Commonwealth Ave. - Owner seeking permission to convert basement into apartment. Wishes to turn a three-unit

building into four units.

10) 226 Harvard Ave. - Applicant wishes to raze existing (former PM Auto Services Gulf gas station) structure and build three- story commercial structure.

11) 386 Market St. - Applicant Soho seeks 7-day live entertainment license for dancing by patrons on first floor / vocal and instrumental music on first floor.

12. 62-68 Cummings Road - Kollel of Greater Boston wishes to raze old structure and erect a two-story building.

13. 47 Mt Vernon owner blacktopped their side yard and now wants to get community permission after the fact


Other Business

1) Captain William Evans will brief us on neighborhood police matters.

  1. Report from St. Elizabeth's Task Force
  2. Brighton Allston Bicentennial Committee - Monday, August 14th, 7 p.m., The Greenbriar Restaurant, 304 Washington St., Brighton Center - For information, please contact Theresa Hynes: 617-782-1718 or Tim Schofield: 617-557-4545.

All BAIA meetings are public and accessible to all wishing to attend and participate.

Elks Lodge # 2199, 326 Washington St., Brighton Center - 7 p.m